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Exclusive Interview: Alexa Chung on Her Clothing and Shoe Brand | Footwear News

Alexa Chung Footwear News Still, the footwear business has been a notable learning curve. “Obviously, I’ve always been an avid shoe lover, but knowing that something was called a ‘last’ was news to me,” Chung admitted. “Even so, I do enjoy it because it’s more like sculpture than anything else.” She kept the styles deceivingly simple. “For the first collection, I wanted to make some Chinatown Mary Janes like the $5 ones from Pearl River Mart,” she said of the collection, which is made in Portugal. Alexachung fall 2017 collection STEVE WELLS PHOTOGRAPHY To elevate the look, they were done in dress silk jacquard and given more durable soles. Block-heeled mules and silver ladder-strap Mary Janes (an ode to Ziggy Stardust and glam rock) also clearly channel her retro references. “With shoes, it’s a lot of vintage research: Beatles boots, Françoise Hardy, pictures of ’60s bands on stage,” Chung said. Bright pink and white PVC statement boots are her recent favorites, and the category has gotten off to a strong start. Alexachung fall 2017 collection STEVE WELLS PHOTOGRAPHY Bodson said footwear already accounts for 15 percent of the business.

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